Friday, May 27, 2005

Is it almost the end of May????

It seems I missed the month of April and most of May when it came to updating the BPC. Have no fear our records are safe and sound on the FLW and ESPN/BASS sites and available for a retrieval when I get around to it. In April and May fishing come 1st, blogging comes 2nd. We had some great weather for most of April and the fishing was good. Don't believe the BP than check the BP Fishing Log Blog. May has seen poor weather but I've been busy fishing and so this BPC has taken a serious hit in BP involvement. As long as I have things updated at the end is all that matters. Good Fishing!

Be sure to check those E-50 line ups for Lewisville, the Deadline is as stated at the Top of the Sidebar. Good Luck the rest of the year.

The BP