Tuesday, December 09, 2008

FLW 2009 is now open for registration.

If you are gonna play and get Players Advantage than you might as well use Dave "BP" Maas as the one who referred you which you can do by registering here.

FYI- If you played FBF with FLW last year, all you have to do to register is hit the "Log-In" tab and enter your email and password from last year and then you have to approve the rules and terms of use and your in. You will be automatically entered into the leagues you participated in last year and will even be given a team of anglers for the first event, of coarse you can edit that team to get the anglers ou want.

BP Commentary-They are going down 430 places with prizes this year as opposed to 639 last year and the scoring is the same lame system from last year with those bonus points for Top 10 picks and super bonus points for a Top 10 pick exacta. I suppose the change in prizes and the lack of change in the scoring are hardly surprising. I can't say I am that disappointed with the change in the amount of prizes because this game is so exceedingly generous it's almost preposterous even with the changes. $100,000 for 1st place and they could stop with the prizes right there and I would think they were nuts.

I am not really happy that they kept the same exact scoring system from last year because I think it just brings luck into the equation more than it has to be. I can see giving a big exacta bonus for getting the winning angler right but to have smaller but crucial exacta bonuses in the 9 remaining spaces of the Top 10 rewards blind luck over the skillful picks of a strong team inside and outside of the Top 10 where I think the Fantasy Bass Fishing points should rightfully be decided.