Tuesday, January 24, 2006

BassMasters Classic Line-Up

Here is the line up for "The Classic" to help with your thinking for FBF. Unfortunatly we don't have the FBF point totals. I think they are fishing for $500,000 this year.

Tommy Biffle
Chad Brauer
Preston Clark
Luke Clausen
Rick Clunn
Jeff Coble
George Cochran
Joe Conway
John Crews
Anre' De Villiers
Edwin Evers
Greg Gutierrez
Greg Hackney
Davy Hite
Tim Horton
Randy Howell
Mike Iaconelli
Jimmy Johnson
James Kennedy
Stacy King
Gary Klein
Jeff Kriet
Aaron Martens
Mike McClelland
Mark Menendez
Jimmy Mize
Ish Monroe
Andre Moore
Chad Morgenthaler
Rick Morris
Larry Nixon
Skeet Reese
Jeff Reynolds
Mike Reynolds
Dean Rojas
Scott Rook
Zell Rowland
Joel St. Germain
Terry Scroggins
Ron Shuffield
Brian Snowden
Bob Soley
Marty Stone
Gerald Swindle
Mark Tucker
Kevin VanDam
David Walker
Kevin Wirth
Dave Wolak
Mike Wurm
Jay Yelas

Note: classic is not until Feb. 24-26 at Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee, Fla. FBF registration is said to be openning in early Feb. Stay tuned to the HQ to find out.

Monday, January 23, 2006


First as noted at Bass Pundit ESPN/BASS will be having Fantasy Bass Fishing in 2006. Registration begins in early Feb..

Also the Posse has it's line ups done for the FLW @ Lake Murray. Sure the deadline is a while off but I did my homework. Unfortunatly a couple of guys I really wanted to play are not fishing the event. I will post posse line ups when the registration closes.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Big O Results

So Far FLW has 2393 Players

The Top Teams at the Big O was Dixie Cats ($5000 winner) and Cheeda with a respectable score of 918 out of 990 possible

Here's The Posse's Final Scores for the Big O.

Bp's Dad 679Pts 508th Place
Cyberfish 652Pts 662nd Place
Bp'sObro 613Pts 952nd Place
Schmenzig Bassmen 592Pts 1104th Place
Minnesocold BPboys 584Pts 1160th Place
BP's Mommy 580 Pts 1194th Place
Bass Pundit 1 474 Pts 1874 Place

Mucho Room for improvement.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Big O So Far

Ok the First Day don't mean Jack Squat, and so I avoided it. Here are the Tentative Posse Results.

BP's Dad
Nixon 16th
Rojas 40th
Lane 43rd
Cocheran 47th
JT Kenney 180th

Would have been a good line up without Kenney. In FLW you want all 5 in the top 50 and your looking Good.

K.Jordan In the Cut
Nixon 16th
Lane 43rd
Lefebre 110th
JT 180th

BP's Obro
KJ In the Cut
Lane 43rd
Yelas 52nd
Toshi 113
JT Kenney 180

Schmenzig BassMen
Takahiro 35th
Martin 42nd
Lane 43rd
Toshi 113rd
JT 180th

BP Boys
Martin 42nd
Lane 43rd
Surman 50th
Walker 106th
JT 180th

Bp's Mommy
Martin 42nd
Lane 43rd
Surman 50th
Lefebre 110th
JT 180th

BassPundit 1
Lane 43rd
Schiede 44rd
Lefebre 110th
Crafton 154th
Jt Kenney 180th

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FLW Big O BP's Posse Line Up

Here they are:
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As you can see, the posse has all it's eggs in very few baskets. We can't afford for Bobby Lane or JT Kenney to faulter. Those picks were the no-brainers and are as defensive as possitive.

Other Top Picks
Scott Martin 3
Dave Lefbre 3

The biggest darkhorse has to be BassPundit 1's Crafton; Who is this guy? A local that's who!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The New Look for 2006 FBF

Yes it's that time of year again! Fantasy Bass Fishing is back on the BP's radar screen.

Gone for 2006 is the cumbersome leagues and Bass Pundit Championship. This year I am free to just pick line up's and dispense punditry on the subject. Once again in 2006 FLW has stepped up to the plate giving $5,000 cash to the winner in each tournament and giving prizes down to 25th place. It's yet to be seen if BASS will even have Fantasy Bass Fishing this year.

FLW registration ends today, so get a team registered and play along.