Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BASS/ESPN Elite Series FBF 2009

Registration is now open and they have changed the layout of the game from years past. Selecting a team is definitely more time consuming and tricky to navigate than in years past. They have changed the anglers point system to monitary values and you get $100 to work with rather than the 60pts of years past, so for your five man roster you need an average of $20 per angler or less.

So far it looks to me like the $100 team limit loosens up angler picks a bit more than in years past. KVD is worth $25 and the lowest anglers are worth $12. 16 anglers are worth more than $20.

Upon first glance it looks like they got rid of Limit, Lunker, and Big Bag Bonus Points. It looks like the Fantasy points will strictly be place of standing in a tournament according to the Elite Series Angler of the Year point system. This is kind of a bummer I thought the bonus points were a good feature. I think going by AOY poins means there is a 5 point bonus for the angler in 1st Place each day of the tournament.

It looks like they got rid of Super 6 Pick 'em and "Tiebreakers" (Good Riddence)

The prizes are a step up from the last several years. Still for the Classic there are just 9 places, in the tour tournaments the prizes go down to 8 places, and the end of the year prizes go down 10 places, so basically winning a prize in this game will take an extremely good roster, even great rosters will not be good enough.

ESPN/BASS Elite Series FBF

Today is the day registration is suppose to open up for the Elite Series Fantasy Bass Fishing. I can't wait. I don't have a roster fully figued out yet for the Bass Masters Classic because I won't know the angler values until the new rankings come out. I may well NOT put Kevin Van Dam on the team for the Classic but you can bet he will be anchoring the BP boys the rest of the season.

Elite Series Fantasy Bass Fishing registration now open...