Sunday, March 02, 2008

2008 FLW Fantasy Perfect Scores and More

Base Score
1-10= 1955
11-20= 1855

Tour Bonus Points: Toho, Lewis Smith, Loudoun-Tellico
Top 10=500x10= 5,000
Exacta#1= 2,000
Ex 2-10=750x9= 6,750
1-10= 1,955
Total 15,705

Open Bonus Points: Norman, Beaver, Detriot River
Top 10=1000x10= 10,000
Exacta#1= 4,000
Ex2-10=1500x9= 13,500
1-10= 1,955
Total= 29,455

Bonus Points: Forrest Wood Cup
Top 10=1500x10= 15,000
Exacta#1= 6,000
Ex.2-10=2250x9= 20,250
1-10= 1,955
Total= 43,205

Analysis: A perfect line up, besides being worth millions of dollars in the 7-up game would probably be enough to carry any team to the million in year end prizes. However the odds of putting together a perfect line up must make powerball odds wince.

Being Realistic:
A very solid base score is 1500
Getting 2 anglers in the Top 10 is doing really well.
Don't pin your hopes on ever getting an Exacta

Tour Events=1500+1000=2500
Open Events=1500+2000=3500
FW Cup=1500+3000=4500

I feel like these scores will be good to get a person into the Top 250 in prizes. I'll make an adjustment if needed after the Toho scores are released.

So 22,500 Would be a very strong showing for End of the Year Prizes. (Actually I think the million dollar winner will probably need something less than this)