Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FBF News 2008

I am a little slow on the draw, but the BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing and Super 6 pick'em are now open for registrations. Better hurry cause the classic starts Feb. 22.

The prizes this year seem to be a small step up from last year maybe. For the Classic they are going down 10 places and for regular Elite Series events they go down 6 places. I can't say that I am very impressed with the #1 prize for the classic: One (1) 100,000 Trip Reward Points from Ramada Inn ($500 ARV) for First Place.

Right now my leagues are: (This is subject to change if no one else sign's up)
Minnesocold Fantasy Bassmaster
Minnesocold Super 6

Hulkster Hawks FLW Fantasy Fishing: "Sign up or to the turn-buckle you go!"

Apparently he is going to have a Fantasy Fishing Blog.

I'm just glad they didn't go with Jesse "Govenor Turn-buckle" Ventura.