Monday, February 08, 2010

2010 BASS/ESPN Elite Series FBF Now Open

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Well ESPN has changed their game once again this year; They have totally scrapped angler values and salary caps. Now there are 3 "Buckets" of anglers. The 1st Bucket has the Top 15 Anglers from last years AOY standings and you get to choose 2 from this Bucket. The 2nd Bucket has the next 15 anglers according to last years AOY race and you get to choose 2 from this Bucket. The 3rd Bucket has 21 anglers in it and you get to choose 1.

It seems to me that going to the Bucket system might not change the make up of fantasy line ups very much because the Bucket's conform similarly to what was offered in the angler point value system; Under that system you could field 2 top tier guys, but not really 3 and if you had 2 top tier guys you had to have a minimum of 1 guy at the very bottom of the totem pole of angler value, which would leave you with a choice of 2 mid to low angler value guys to fill out your roster.

Prizes this year go down 10 places for the Classic, 8 places for Elite Series Tournaments, and 10 places for the end of the year. No surprise that the ESPN prizes are not nearly as good as FLW Fantasy Fishing but all things considered the ESPN prizes are pretty good.
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For the Bassmasters Classic at Lay Lake rosters Lock: Feb 19 8:00AM ET.

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